Product selection : Veda Technik offers you exclusively its new product selection page, where you will be able to choose the type of joint suited to the particular construction arrangement and the traffic conditions. This section gives you access to many documents that will allow you to choose the right product for your project. For this, simply contact us by phoning +33 (0)1 4861 7158 or emailing contact@vedatechnik.com, and we will provide you the access codes and the instructions to use this new tool.


Joint covers : We offer a large range of joint covers from stock: clip-on joint covers, bonded joint covers, folded joint covers, floor joint covers... Our joint covers are available in different finishes to suit your project requirements: plain aluminium, anodised aluminium, powder-coated aluminium in any RAL colour of your choice, stainless steel, galvanised steel brass... Whatever your requirement, we have the solution for finishing your expansion joints!


Fire barriers : A new product range for fireproofing expansion joints with gaps from 10 mm to 840 mm. Fire barrier cords for 10-mm to 200-mm wide joints, and fire barrier sheets for 100-mm to 840-mm wide seismic joints. There are several possible configurations based on our own certified performance data: cord on its own, with sealant, with joint cover, with membrane, with mechanical expansion joint... We are available to answer all your enquiries; we will help you choose and justify the sealing products for all the joints in your projects.


Seismic floor expansion joints : New seismic sections with large movements, in aluminium or stainless steel, for flexible floors, tiling. We offer many different solutions for large joints.


Floor expansion joints for car parks : New sections for joints in car parks, surface mounted or embedded. Our car park joints are suitable for small and large expansion joints, and for intense traffic of light or heavy vehicle traffic.


Expansion joints for waterproof floor : Sections specially designed to ensure waterproof expansion joints. Sections with a waterproof central membrane that extends laterally to meet directly the waterproofing system of your construction. Many different arrangements are available, with X, L, T, skirting... sections specially made by us.


Façade expansion joints : Sections for your different project requirements. Expansion joints for rendering, seismic expansion joints, decorative expansion joints...


Waterstops : A large range of waterstops for your different requirements in projects such as water treatment plants, underground car parks and any other construction subjected to water pressure. Many different sections available for static concrete construction joints and expansion joints. Factory fabrication is possible to suit your project requirements.

Expansion joints, fire barriers, joint covers, waterstops, sections.

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